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  1. If you post a service tag, I can try to add XPS 9100. But I don't think it's really necessary. I all likelihood, the download is identical to XPS 8900.
  2. Version 8.21 (23 August 2019): Compressed downloads database; error handling for monthly download days; tool tips for texts that don't fit into the available space.
  3. So the coding for the October 1 download day is in place and confirmed working. Let's hope it will continue working in productive conditions too. Case 3 message: "This file is currently unavailable, and can be provided again in a small capacity NEXT MONTH. For now, please select one of the downloads highlighted in green instead." Case 4 message: "New downloads can be generated SHORTLY. In the mean time, you can select one of the downloads highlighted in green." Messages will not be translated due to the short life span of a few months only before Win 7 EOL.
  4. That's the plan. It's an experimental feature though.
  5. Thanks for reporting the issue with the chopped texts. Sorry I noticed it too late to include a fix in today's update. In the next version, I'll use tooltips whenever the text is too big for the available space.
  6. Posting search terms would be fine, but please don't link to the software sites directly.
  7. Version 8.20 (22 August 2019): Added Insider and developer versions up to build 18963; added Windows Admin Center previews up to build 1908; added Office 2019 for Mac build 16.28; added database of 85,000 downloads from Microsoft (applications, disc images, slides, white papers, business presentations, podcasts, videos, e-books, product sheets etc. - Happy hunting for hidden treasures!)
  8. It's disabled now, but maybe Google takes some time to make the change effective. Hopefully it will go away in the next few hours. Many apologies for this horrible user experience.
  9. Oh, I only just saw this thread... This looks quite awful. It's Google's automatic ad placement. I'll disable it.
  10. My guess would be missing MSIE updates. If it still doesn't work, you can either get the file from one of the many other sources on the internet. If you want to make sure to get a genuine download directly from MS, you can also manipulate the download page (i.e. do manually what the ISO downloader does automated). https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/software-download/windows10ISO In the browser developer mode, find the version dropdown menu, and replace the 1214 with 651 for the 1803 Home/Pro version, 655 for the Education version, 629 for Enterprise.
  11. Version 8.16 (3 August 2019): Fixed links for Facebook site and Twitter feed; added announcement for Windows 7 / Office 2010 download days starting in October; added Insider and developer versions up to build 18950; added Windows Admin Center previews up to build 1907; added Office 2019 for Mac builds 16.26 and 16.27.
  12. Sorry, the Wednesday downloads are paused. MS did a thorough job blocking the ISO downloader. The next attempt to circumvent the block will commence in October. Hopefully you'll be able to get your download then.
  13. Last time, it took about 6 months. I'll make another attempt to provide downloads starting October 1.
  14. This will probably be the last chance to get Windows 7 and Office 2010 downloads, before Microsoft drops support for these products in early 2020. Starting October 1, 0:00 UTC, the download database on the server will be reset on the first day of every month. We will then generate one link per hour on a first come first served basis, whatever is requested, until all licenses are used up. The database is then again reset on the first day of the following month, and downloads can be provided again for some time. Requesting a download can result in one of the four following cases: 1. A license for link generation of the requested file is currently available, and the last link generation on the server has happened more than an hour ago ---> new link generation will be attempted, and if successful, the download can be provided. 2. The requested download has been requested and generated in the last 24 hours ---> cached download link will be provided (cached downloads are indicated with a green font in the download tool). 3. All licenses for the product have been used up ---> come back and try again next month after the database reset. 4. A license for link generation of the requested file is currently available, however, the server did another link generation for a different product in the last hour ---> come back and try again in one hour, and be faster than everyone else. I will think about error messages so that you guys can distinguish between cases 3. and 4. easily. Let's see how this will go. Hopefully everyone can still get all downloads they need before MS takes them down for good...
  15. Correct. They are allowed to do anything. The affiliate is allowed to do nothing. That's called "substantively unconscionable" in legal lang, and unfair in normal language. In the EU, they have a similar clause in the terms, but in fact it's no longer valid. EU affiliates may be terminated only when they violate the terms. I'm a lot more annoyed by their accusations of fraud and conspiracy, while they in turn submitted various false statements to the tribunal.
  16. That's very weird... Must be a (temporary) issue with Microsoft's download servers.
  17. There are a few download mirrors for Win 7 SP1. Google with the hash or with the file name to find them. I can't yet risk bringing Win 7 back on the downloader. The blocking is too recent. Maybe two more months, and I'll have a final attempt, before extended support ends early next year.
  18. Sorry about the inconvenience. Unfortunately, Windows 7 is currently completely blocked. I've not had the time to remove the notification about the Wednesday availability from the tool. The DELL downloads are multilingual though and include the Italian language pack.
  19. Best tool to write the ISO file to USB is Rufus: https://rufus.ie/
  20. An MSDN Enterprise subscription is the only way I can think of, but that would be dinging expensive... https://afflnk.microsoft.com/c/1250387/438829/7792?u=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.microsoft.com%2Fen-us%2Fp%2Fvisual-studio-enterprise-abonnement%2Fdg7gmgf0dst4%2F0002%3Factivetab%3Dpivot%3Aoverviewtab
  21. Win 7 Embedded is not available for public download. Metadata and hashes are on the database, so you can verify whether any random downloads you might find are untouched. https://www.heidoc.net/php/myvsdump_details.php?id=P2359F73930Ax64Len
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