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  1. I first need to verify that the downloader no longer works on MSIE8 on a Win 7 vanilla system. It could also be an issue with your installation. If it turns out to be a general problem, I'll change the website.

    I know that the downloader works on Vista. I've not advertised it since I don't have the capacity to support it.

  2. 14 hours ago, JohnnySump said:

    Hi. I wondered if the original Windows 7 Microsoft iso still exist somewhere, home premium, to download? In the program it says no longer available. Is this monthly days still a thing? Or that’s it, It’s a game over.

    No, the monthly thing is gone. I want to try to provide the downloads via MSDN, but I'm still collecting donations for an MSDN subscription that I can use as a basis for providing the downloads.

    14 hours ago, JohnnySump said:

    If it’s gone forever. Are websites such as softlay reliable? It looks like they got the original download but you never know...

    You never know...

    But you can always compare the hashes of the downloads with the hashes from our database. If they match, then the download is reliable.



  3. 16 hours ago, Sid069 said:

    pls help as soon as possible


    Here's the recovery image:


    Link is valid for 24 hours.

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