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  1. I believe I found the issue. In the aftermath of the server outage, I disabled insecure SSL/TSL protocols and ciphers. Most importantly, I had disabled TLS v. 1.0 and TLS v. 1.1, which are considered insecure. I've re-enabled both of them now. However, everyone who has had the issue, very likely has a vulnerable Windows system. To fix it, go to your system's internet security settings, and enable TLS v. 1.2. (You can leave versions 1.0 and 1.1 enabled, unless you need a super secure system.) Otherwise, your passwords can be stolen by man-in-the-middle attacks. You should also be able to use the downloader again now. To be honest, it's quite shocking that so many users don't have TLS v. 1.2 enabled.
  2. It's an Office 2010 Academic key. I had wanted to use it for TechG downloads, but the product ID is different, so it requires a separate entry. Also, as far as I remember, for some language choices it produces retail downloads.
  3. I'm pretty sure that the server outage has somehow caused this issue for some users, but I don't understand yet how and why, and why I'm not affected... Can you post a screenshot, so that I can see at which step it happens? And also let me know which file exactly you're requesting (version and language).
  4. I had a small server outage earlier today, but the issue has been solved for many hours already. During this time, Win 7 downloads had some problems. I've just restarted the server one more time. Can you try again please?
  5. I did some spot checking, and could not replicate the issue. Which file exactly are you requesting?
  6. I'm planning to remove it in one of the next releases. It used to be possible to download the XDK with a Windows Insider user account, but unfortunately no longer. I suspect you now require an Xbox developer account. I don't have one. so I can't check. Users who do have one, have alternative means to get hold of the XDK through official channels.
  7. Thanks for the suggestion. The crash screen does indeed already exist. I only shows up if the web browser module contains stuff that I can't parse yet.
  8. That'd be awesome. Office 2010 Pro Plus is one of the highly requested downloads that would make many users happy. By the way, if you give me the key, it will remain fully usable to you for activation.
  9. That would be awesome. Don't worry about the water damage. Please message me how much you get for shipping (registered mail, EMS, DHL, FedEx or similar), and your payment details. I do have an Australian bank account, and can wire you the money. US$ 30.00 convert to about AU$ 42.00. I'll handle the customs declaration from my side. Jan
  10. I'm personally not selling keys. But you can get one from our partner sites (eBay, Amazon, Microsoft, Souq): https://www.heidoc.net/joomla/technology-science/microsoft/67-microsoft-windows-and-office-iso-download-tool?start=3
  11. Thanks for offering these. I do have a good amount of Win 7 Home Premium (and Professional) keys already, so there's no need to add more of them. Just the "N" versions are a big gap. They don't seem to be available anywhere and lyonger.
  12. Actually, I'm trying to avoid that. Also, MS might block all my TechNet keys if I give away only a few of them. That's the sort of license I'm willing to buy. I do have an Office 2010 Academic license which I bought many years ago at college, but it only unlocks Office 2010 Pro, not Pro Plus. Pro Plus is something that people request all the time.
  13. Hi Arthur, Sorry about the late reply. I just returned from holiday, and saw your messages in my inbox. Without product key, Office 2016 will not continue to work. You can get your key from any major retailer. Newegg is one of the more trustworthy stores where you can buy one: https://www.newegg.com/Product/ProductList.aspx?Submit=ENE&DEPA=0&Order=BESTMATCH&Description=office+2016&ignorear=0&N=-1&isNodeId=1 If you feel risky, you can go for eBay, and buy a key for under $3.00. No guarantee that it will continue to work forever though: https://www.ebay.com/sch/i.html?_from=R40&_trksid=p2380057.m570.l1313.TR12.TRC2.A0.H0.Xoffice+2016.TRS0&_nkw=office+2016&_sacat=0 Best wishes, Jan
  14. Seriously: the license agreement for Techet keys doesn't allow them to be given to anyone. Not even to family members free of charge. eBay still has plenty of offers of highly suspicious keys at very low cost.
  15. Correct. I've got plenty of TechNet keys myself, probably more than I could ever use.
  16. Changed to a new server two days ago. https://securitytrails.com/domain/corenoc.de/history/a
  17. Version 7.11 (15 October 2018): Fixed links for Office 2019 for Mac; added button to the new YouTube channel; added link to the new blog post about our legal dispute with Amazon.com; moved Windows 10 October 2018 Update underneath April 2018 Update, and added a warning.
  18. Hi Thiersee, Thanks for the research. This information was new to me. I don't think we're at the bottom of it yet. I tried several links in several languages. For Office 2010 H&S Turkish version it is just as you described. However, Office 2010 H&S Thai language version is always including SP1, no matter whether you download from the upper or the lower box. Office 2010 Pro Academic Thai version also includes SP1. The Turkish version gives you the TechG download (without SP1), although the key that unlocks it is clearly an academic key, and not a TechG key. Clearly, the same key sometimes generates download links with SP1, and sometimes without SP1, and I think it depends on the selected language. Highly annoying... I'm not yet sure how to cover this sort of thing in the download descriptions without ambiguities.
  19. Not everything that you can do is allowed to do. Doing this would be quite some copyright violation. That message has been in place forever. With the latest IE8 compatibility update, it only shows for IE7 users now. As for the blank screen and blank dropdown list, several root causes have been fixed. For the remaining occurrences of these issues, I've not been able to replicate them, nor to identify the root cause. For example, I don't know which MSIE hotfix exactly deals with the blank dropdown list. Therefore, it'd be quite impossible to know which message to show to the user. Besides that, it's the user's responsibility to keep their software up to date, and to install any hotfixes that MS provides through Windows Update. Considering all the high priority security hotfixes that come through, a blank dropdown really is one of the most harmless imaginable symptoms of a missing hotfix. Sounds like a reasonable idea. At least for Win 7 and Office 2010 this is something I can do. I can't currently put that on my priorities list though. Maybe next year.
  20. Sort of a Rufus clone? Great idea, but probably wishful thinking. It's likely not possible to do that with Visual Basic. Same as above. I don't think I can give out any message on Windows XP or below versions when the executable is compiled for Vista and above. Apart from that, do you have any example when you don't get a meaningful message? Definitely coming in the next version (or the one afterward). The downloader can run on Vista, even if I don't support it. I'm not going to support Win XP or below. I once did, and provided a legacy version of the downloader, but the current source code can't be compiled for Win XP any more. The few users who are still on Win XP should find a computer that has the minimum OS elsewhere to run the downloader. The users who are below the minimum requirement with .NET or MSIE need to update their software. I already put a lot of effort into MSIE 8 compatibility.
  21. Since I have Office 365, I can't install it, but from the contents of the ISO image, I'd say it's Office 2019. Are you sure you've not downloaded one of the Office 365 images? That would explain the issue. Edit: what's the file name of the image?
  22. Unless it was a big supplier (HP, Dell, Toshiba etc.), I'd say chances are that your key comes originally from a dodgy Chinese site such as this one: http://www.softwaresoem.com/supplier-105881-windows-7-product-key-sticker Here in Europe, the market is still flooded with this crap. I wouldn't take the chance of re-using it. It might not be possible. As long as the system remains activated, don't worry about it. I think MS no longer deactivates Win 7 systems when they block the matching key some time later after activation. At least, I've not heard about any such cases for years.
  23. I've seen this message before. It tends to turn up when the key is counterfeit. Where did you get your key from?
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