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  1. The tool doesn't write anything to the registry. Unless you choose to save your settings. In that case, it writes the settings to the .NET settings storage under the application "Windows ISO Downloader". I don't know where in the registry exactly that is. To remove it, untick the box "Remember Settings". No need to go through regedit.
  2. I don't think that the ISO images have been officially released.
  3. I'm hearing you. Next March, downloads will remain blocked until after the release of 1903.
  4. Thanks. This should be a good alternative for everyone who can't wait for the full iso image.
  5. 1809 is supposed to be released today. Once MS uploads the files, they will be available on the downloader, and the 404 message will go away. If you don't like this process, next March I could block the downloads for 1903 until it's confirmed that they are released. In case that's in the middle of the night for me, you're gonna receive the downloads a few hours late, instead of getting 404 errors for a few hours prior to the release.
  6. Office 2019 links have all been added to the downloader. Seems like MS is still providing disk images after all. Office 365 has not yet received new files. I suspect they will only be released in January with the next release on the semi-annual channel, at which point the current files will be replaced with Office 2019 files. So if you need Office 2016 images for Office 365, download them now, before they disappear.
  7. Version 7.10 (1 October 2018): Added Office 2019; added Office 2019 for Mac; fixed links for Office for Mac build 16.17; moved builds 16.16 and 16.17 under Office 2019 for Mac; replaced links for update installers of individual applications for Mac with full installers; added Windows 10 October 2018 Update; added the latest developer and Insider versions up to build 17763. (October update will not be available until the files are uploaded by Microsoft within the next few days.)
  8. Awesome find! It looks like MS will no longer provide offline disk images for home users. They've already removed the links for Office 2016 in the download portal. I'll keep researching though.
  9. There was indeed a server issue with this download. Sorry about that. It's fixed now. It might take a few hours to catch up with download requests, and generate and cache download links, but it will definitely available very soon.
  10. Correct answer. The next version will remove the file and the folder automatically.
  11. Version 7.00 (18 September 2018): Added new "ISO Tools" with hash verifier and ei.cfg and cversion.ini remover; added the latest developer and Insider versions up to build 17758; added Office 2016 for Mac build 16.16; added placeholder for Office 2019.
  12. These downloads are likely coming from the TechNet Visio 2010 Trial. https://web.archive.org/web/20101124083204/http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/evalcenter/ee390821.aspx If I add them, MS will likely discover that they're still up, and remove them fairly quickly (as it happened to the Office 2010 Pro Plus downloads before). I've not been able to find more direct links than those that you've already shared, although more of them should exist. Therefore, there's nothing to add, nor any further research required.
  13. Awesome find! I'll research if there's more, and then add to the next version.
  14. You can use the meta data from the dump to search for the downloads elsewhere (Google, torrent etc.)
  15. The screenshots don't look doctored. But I don't know what kind of key this could be.
  16. I would think that the scan completed successfully. What you can do to double check: boot from the Win 10 DVD, go to the command prompt, and initiate the scan from there.
  17. Can you post the pictures again? They seem to have gone missing.
  18. This issue is fixed in the latest release. No more display and functional issues on MSIE 8 and 9. No joy for users who are still on IE 7.
  19. Version 6.22 (7 September 2018): Added the latest developer and Insider versions up to build 17749; fixed all display and functional issues with Internet Explorer 8 and 9; new minimum requirement IE 8; updated to Bootstrap 4.1.3.
  20. What do you mean by master key? In the distant past, when MS products required a 10 digit key, they had a master key indeed (starting with "335-"). Needless to say, it leaked. You'll easily find it on Google. It can unlock almost all MS products that were available at the time. I would reckon that MS has learned from that, and no longer builds any master keys into their products. However, all current Windows versions (client and server) since Windows Vista have generic keys with which you can install but not activate Windows.
  21. That's a tricky question. Both files are the same product for sure. Whether they're the same files, I don't know. There are two records in the hash database. One for the United States, and one for worldwide. https://www.heidoc.net/php/myvsdump_details.php?id=P46F12053Ax86Len https://www.heidoc.net/php/myvsdump_details.php?id=P46F41713Ax86Len If you have the choice, get the one for worldwide, not the US. It contains one additional component which MS had to remove from the US version after a legal dispute. Since both files you quoted were also available to the US, I suspect they're both lacking the custom XML tagging component.
  22. MS has blocked you from downloading any more. The ban will usually be lifted after 24 hours.
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