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  1. There is no ready-to-use 64 bit image. Here are instructions on how you can create one: https://www.heidoc.net/joomla/technology-science/microsoft/79-create-an-office-2013,-2016-and-365-offline-installer-with-the-office-deployment-tool
  2. I'm still on it, but can't dedicate as much time to it as I want to. It's basically a new application from scratch (and it's unsure whether it will be able to trick Microsoft to believe that it's not automated). Anyway, it's taking a lot of time that I currently don't have due to the need of filing my business tax for 2017 (I don't want to get fined) as well as moving houses.
  3. In case of broken downloads, please use a download manager. My recommendation: FreeDownloadManager.
  4. My understanding is that the college pays a fixed price for the MS Imagine membership. That what it says here: https://imagine.microsoft.com/en-us/institutions/enroll So if you claim your Win Server from MS Imagine, it's already been paid for.
  5. None that I know of... There are basically three options for you to get hold of Win Server: Get in touch with your MS support and request a replacement disc. A processing fee will most definitely apply. Subscribe to MSDN, BizSpark, MS Imagine, or a similar service (MS Imagine is free for college students, and you can qualify just by having access to an *.edu email address, or your local equivalent in case you're not based in the US. BizSpark is also free, but you need to be a startup company to qualify. MSDN is very expensive.) Go to our hash archive, find the file you want, and hunt for it on unofficial sources using the hash. When you find something, don't share the links here, as that would constiture a copyright violation. In case I've forgotten any option, I'm sure someone else will add to the thread :-)
  6. The complaint came through the spam feedback loop via Microsoft/Outlook.com. I've just noticed that he (or she) also complained about a few French language posts, not only the English ones - not to the moderators, not to me, but straight to Microsoft, accusing us of sending spam instead of just unsubscribing from the topic that he himself once actively subscribed to. When I'm thinking about it once more now, that kind of behaviour deserves at least a double facepalm. The only sensible thing to do was removing the person from this topic. The issue should be solved now. Thanks for your great work! I don't think we need to change anything about the thread.
  7. Given the history of this thread, it makes little sense to split off the English discussion indeed. I've dealt with it otherwise, and removed the complainant from this topic. If he so wishes, he can re-subscribe under the condition, that he will then be notified about new posts in any language, just as before.
  8. Guys, May I politely ask you to continue any discussion that's not in French in the appropriate sub forum? I've already received a complaint. Thanks so much! Jan
  9. I think you can uninstall IE updates. Go to the list of installed Windows updates, and select all IE updates you want to uninstall. If any problems arise during that process, you should open a new topic in the Win 7 forum. https://www.wincert.net/forum/index.php?/forum/176-microsoft-windows-7/
  10. You can get IE8 on a VHD from MS here: https://developer.microsoft.com/en-us/microsoft-edge/tools/vms/
  11. There are currently very slim chances of a Win 7 download link. Have a look at the following thread that includes a few alternative download sources:
  12. Don't worry! I can fully understand such momentary attacks of blindness. Has happend to me countless times as well. (It gets worse when you get older...)
  13. Hi Fernando, The Office 365 downloads are actually included in the download tool. You can go to Office 2016, or (in case you prefer an old version) Office 2013, and select the desired Office 365 download form the dropdown list. Best wishes, Jan
  14. Good idea. Done! (Forum activity about the issue has been small compared to number of emails... ) V6.0 is a prospective next version, which might or might not provide a workaround to get Win 7 back. It doesn't exist yet.
  15. Hi, There are two options to solve this: 1. Apply all missing Windows and IE updates. 2. As a workaround, use the arrow keys to navigate the dropdown.
  16. Suggestion: Wait for version 6.0. It's not a secret, but very high effort - basically a new application. During the busiest time of year.
  17. I can't replicate the issue. Win 8.1 downloads just fine for me. Do you use the latest version? Anyway, the error message is misleading. I'll remove it with the next update. The true error message is behind the popup, but since it's partly hidden, and I don't understand much Russian, I can't help with it.
  18. Yes! You can use this tool: http://code.kliu.org/misc/winisoutils/
  19. I'm working on it right now. It's a lot of effort, and the outcome is uncertain. I can't make any prediction yet.
  20. If the rolldown menu shows blank, you can still navigate it and select from it using the arrow keys. However, this is not gonna help you since Win 7 is not currently available. Please wait for version 6.0 of the downloader.
  21. The error is no longer showing because I disconnected the API... Please wait for ISO downloader version 6.00.
  22. Version 5.28 (4 December 2017): Temporarily removed Win 7 and Office 2007/2010; added Office 2016 for Mac build 15.41; added Windows 10 build 17061 (including developer tools) and Honolulu Technical Preview Update 1712. Please also see this thread:
  23. I do have a few spare unspoilt keys, but I'd rather use both the spare keys and my spare time to work on a permanent solution. As for now, unfortunately, there are not gonna be any download links (neither through the download tool nor manually created ones).
  24. Yep... MS has blocked all keys in my database to create new download links. I'm temporarily disabling Win 7/Office 2007/10 downloads entirely to see if the block gets lifted after some time.
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