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  1. Well thank god for that. I don't want to cause any problems specially to people who want to help you. It is just not civilized.
  2. Hello! Thanks for assistance and another option. In the meantime I found link for Windows 64 Ultimate Eng, downloaded and tested it with Win Iso Downloader and MD5_and_SHA_Checksum_Utility and turned to be just fine and unmodified. link removed
  3. Hello ! I did not even know that Win iso downloader is such powerfull application. I will do as instructed. Much obliged.
  4. Hello! Sorry for being such a pain "in you know where". I thought about downloading Dell version myself, but provided links dont include Ultimate edition so I cant change language. I found download options from Softlay.com and Webforpc.com, but I am not sure if mentioned versions are unmodified. BTW links from Adguard.net are erased as well. I know that such addiction toward Windows 7 is odd, but I need this OS version for nettop as I mentioned before but user is my aging father and he is more familiar with "classic" desktop look. So is there no other way rather than Dell
  5. Hello! Sorry for wrong posting. I just read about MS blocking win 7 download links. I guess I have missed my chance for desired edition. Is there any other way to download genuine version beside MS homepage with owners serial? Unfortunatelly my nettop was a gift many years ago with preinstalled OS so I dont know valid serial number neither can I "extract" because system is "dead frozen" Thanks in advance
  6. Hello! Is there any possibility to download throu Win iso downloader Windows 7 pro and ultimate SLOVENIAN version 64 bit ? I need this particullary OS for older nettop. Thanks
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