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  1. Well thank god for that. I don't want to cause any problems specially to people who want to help you. It is just not civilized.
  2. Hello! Thanks for assistance and another option. In the meantime I found link for Windows 64 Ultimate Eng, downloaded and tested it with Win Iso Downloader and MD5_and_SHA_Checksum_Utility and turned to be just fine and unmodified. link removed
  3. Hello ! I did not even know that Win iso downloader is such powerfull application. I will do as instructed. Much obliged.
  4. Hello! Sorry for being such a pain "in you know where". I thought about downloading Dell version myself, but provided links dont include Ultimate edition so I cant change language. I found download options from Softlay.com and Webforpc.com, but I am not sure if mentioned versions are unmodified. BTW links from Adguard.net are erased as well. I know that such addiction toward Windows 7 is odd, but I need this OS version for nettop as I mentioned before but user is my aging father and he is more familiar with "classic" desktop look. So is there no other way rather than Dell Windows 7 pro + language pack? Any help would be apreciated. Thanks in advance
  5. Hello! Sorry for wrong posting. I just read about MS blocking win 7 download links. I guess I have missed my chance for desired edition. Is there any other way to download genuine version beside MS homepage with owners serial? Unfortunatelly my nettop was a gift many years ago with preinstalled OS so I dont know valid serial number neither can I "extract" because system is "dead frozen" Thanks in advance
  6. Hello! Is there any possibility to download throu Win iso downloader Windows 7 pro and ultimate SLOVENIAN version 64 bit ? I need this particullary OS for older nettop. Thanks
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