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Found 4 results

  1. Hewlett Packard MetalCloud Drive BackUp View File Drive UtiLity BackUp, System And Programs Protection, Microsoft Windows Live EssentiaLs Reference Submitter Molina Maura Victor Submitted 01/24/2021 Category WinKit Addons  
  2. Macrium Reflect Free Edition v6.1 Build 1225 - Dual x86+x64 RePack by niT€_RiDeR_Pr0 About RePack: Nothing is removed/added/modified. Only optimized/enhanced & improved the compression, to reduce the file size. [Note: If you download the original (official) setup files, they would be a total of 79.4 MB, after repacking it has been reduced to 41.4 MB, i.e. 38 MB lesser.] Optional Command-Line Options: DOWNLOAD: Mega | File Name: MacriumReflect_6.1.1225.Dual_RePack.exe | File Size: 41.4 MB | File Hashes: http://pastebin.com/N2UZWqXN Enjoy!
  3. Gotcha! Data Backup UPDATE: Gotcha! Data Backup is now featured in Computer Power User Magazine! Issue January 2013 on page 72!! This is my latest invention. It's actually been in the works for many years. I've been using it in my internal Computer Repair company for a long time now. It is used to backup user data from a system before reinstalling a computer... or to transfer the data to another computer. I've built in many of the much needed areas that Technicians tend to need to backup. It can be used on a system running windows. It can also detect multiple Windows Drives and ask you which drive you wish to do backups from. This is helpful when you attach a customers drive as a slave drive on your system by connecting their drive internally in your computer or through USB. It also will work on WinPE. Another useful feature it has is the ability to Move Files to your backup location instead of copying them. This is a great feature if you wish to quickly move all of their important data into a folder on the same drive that you will be reinstalling the system. Since all of the data is being relocated to a spot on the same drive backups will be much faster. Here are some of the things Gotcha! can backup: Windows Product Keys Office Product Keys Drivers Shared Docs Fonts Desktop Favorites My Documents My Pictures My Music My Videos Downloads Firefox Google Chrome WinMail Outlook Express Microsoft Office Please let me know what you think! Let me know if you come across any bugs! Let me know if you have any ideas you wish me to add as well!! *** This is still in Beta... so use at your own risk *** Download and Review @ FileForum
  4. In the rush to use our computer, we too often neglect to save Documents, Pictures and Operating Systems until the irremediable may occur and thus we can spend hours or even days of valuable work to get data back. In fact no one is immune to errors or blunders ... With EaseUS Todo Backup 5.0 you will be protected against any eventuality! EaseUS Todo Backup 5.0 Home is a powerful backup application that features efficient system backup and recovery void of a system crash or viruses. Its tabbed interface is very intuitive and easy to use. Todo Backup offers large comprehensive backup types to save time and disk space that include data backup and recovery of file, disk, partition and mail along with a full system backup feature. File type backup offers extremely useful and fast Incremental and Differential backups where Differential backups record the changes since the last full backup and Incremental backups save the changes made since the last incremental backup. When you thought you had it all, you can also safely clone partitions or even the whole disks Various additional tools are also available from the Tools menu that include image check, creating a bootable disk, wiping the data, mounting and unmounting images, an option to create bootable disks etc. I personally find Mounting images option highly useful having in mind that you are able to backup partition/disk loaded with data that is not used very often..This way you can back it up using high compression rate and mount it according to your needs. Result of this is more free space on your disks. Another nice feature that can be found today in all virtualization platforms is the Snapshot feature. The Snapshot feature allows you to take a snapshot of your system prior installing incompatible software or if you want to test new deployments. If things go wrong, you can 'Roll-Back' the computer to the time the Snapshot was taken. Snapshot has been designed to simplify the backup, recovery and disaster recovery processes. You can schedule your backup jobs on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. One click option is available to backup your PC to external storage device including external hard drive, USB flash drive,optical disks, etc. to separate the data from your PCs for better protection thus backing up all files including documents, music, pictures and videos under Libraries in Windows 7. Outlook backup will save your .pst data and save it in a safe way, so you can always access it when you accidentally delete an e-mail. GPT disk si fully supported for the backup, recovery and cloning. GPT or GUID Partition Table is a newer standard for the layout of the partition tables. It is mostly used as a part of the Extensible Firmware Interface (EFI) but it can also be used with BIOS for 2TB+ disk drivers. You can also transfer your backup files on a remote server via ftp from the application, but they are first stored on a local disk or network, allowing you to manage them manually. For a system recovery both Linux-based and Windows PE-based restore environments can be used. Restoring files from within Windows is also simple – you can open an archive directly in Windows Explorer and select individual files to restore or return an entire backup to your computer using the restore routines in the Todo Backup application itself. Easeus Todo Backup 5.0 is fully supported on Windows 8, but unfortunately from this version software is not available as a free download anymore, and therfore WinCert offers you 5 workstation and 5 home version licenses of EaseUS Todo Backup software. We are giving away 5 Easeus Todo Backup Home licenses worth $29 per license and 5 Easeus Todo Backup Workstation licenses worth $39 per license. Giveaway NOTE (please read!) To enter this giveaway please LIKE WinCert.net on FACEBOOKor add a plus on GOOGLE+ pages, add us to your circles and post your full name below. If you have already Liked us on Facebook or Google+ pages, then just post your name below and you will automatically enter the giveaway. Giveaway will end on October 27th, 2012 when we will announce lucky winners. Please remember to follow the rules of this giveaway or your request won't be valid.
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