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Unable to complete installation!


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This morning i installed a fully updated enterprise, install mothernoard drivers, win toolkit and win rar.

I did the usual exraction of win 7 x64 the one on legolash site list.

ran win toolkit the and, removed all images cept ultimate!

loaded mcrips updates, added some silent and non silent instals and a few tweaks!

all went well, no problems arrived! made the iso, burned the image on a usb key using ultraiso.

towards the end, it came up with cannot install components!

Here is my settings and last session.ini.

Thid is the second time i have done this, the first was tatally clean, just updates only!

Several tries and still got install probs!

Hey girls!... dont all answer at once!

Win x64 test.ini


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I'm getting he same error with just updates, that's every update from McRip for win7 64. Nothing else. Any of the 4 versions fail. 3 different machines.

Thanks for trying, i thought i was going mad! and Frustrated!

can you be a little more specific on the "Any of the 4 versions fail. 3 different machines" bit as it seems odd!

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I mean Home edition, Home Premium, Pro, and Ultimate. All versions get the same error. And I've tested on 3 different machines to make sure it was not the PC.

It seems there's another thread on this, and it's most likely an update causing the problem, but not sure which one yet.

Yep, ok on the clarification (big word for me! :noexpression: ), i thought i was going mad! gone back to RT 7 at the mo messing around!
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