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[Solved] Difference install.wim / boot.wim?


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Drivers from boot.wim are needed for the boot of the windows install cd, and for the first phase of windows installation, and those from install.wim are needed for the second phase of windows installation (when devices are properly installedd). So probably you were wondering if you should leave that AIO option intact (drivers also going to boot.wim). So yes, leave it as is, checked. :)

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The only drivers that should be considered for integration into boot.wim are what M$ classifies as "boot-critical" drivers. Namely Mass-Storage and SOME Chipset drivers. Nothing else.

More info: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/2686316

Driver Limitations:

Please keep in mind that there are some drivers that can be included and/or loaded that may not be functional during WinPE portion of installation. This would include, but is not limited too; video drivers, wireless adapter drivers, and audio drivers. The behavior described in this document is not specific to BootCritical drivers (drivers need during boot-up such as controller drivers for access to hard drive) and is in affect for all drivers loaded during installation/deployment.

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Yeah, however it's very likely that for some USB 3.0 sticks, having those drivers also integrated into boot.wim can be the little difference that permits a succesfull windows install. :)

I have an USB 3.0-Stick, but my mainboard can not boot from USB 3, so I boot from USB2.

Thanks you too.

Thread can be closed.

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I only asked for the difference between integrating in the install.wim or boot.wim.

The boot.wim only contains 2 images both are PE-mode framework: Install mode, Recovery mode.

The install.wim contains the actual OS images that are extracted to the target HDD during Install mode.

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