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Windows 8 New Features


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New API that might speed up the process

#define WIM_FLAG_MOUNT_FAST 0x00000400

#define WIM_FLAG_MOUNT_LEGACY 0x00000800

Dism command line options:


Also Mr. Jinje creator of DISM Tool said here in the last comment.

DISM is now able to remove files which is a really great feature!


Hi Mike, it’s MrJinje of MSFN.org, (I wrote the craptastic DISM Tool™ a few years ago) anyways, wanted to ask if you would add a treeview w/checkboxes control populated by the available features currently in the wim and offer us the ability to Remove multiple features via batch. The new /remove feature will supposedly strip the dll’s from the winsxs folder, actually reducing the size of the installation. Who needs vLite/7Lite when Windows 8 has the tools built-in.
I was thinking of doing it myself but I found your app and maybe it’s easier for me to just give you the idea. Thanks!

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