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Registry Entries not adding


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The latest version not integrating registry .reg file correctly.

I always used the same settings from the same .reg file i created a while back when i first joined the forum a while back, never had a issue. Is it possible that it got broken after this new interface change? The reg files contains some instruction to remove a few keys from registry and some changed value to get the result i want.

I did 2 build's of the iso with the changes but, when i fired up a installation in a virtual machine, the settings weren't applyed. things like menus, icons settings for desktop and power option continues the same. A few days ago I tryed another version before this one and is got a error when importing the .reg file (think it was version not sure thou) but i didn't get that error on version, but also didn't get the result I always get from your releases.

Anyhow great app! waiting for a reply.

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There is a bug processing notepad2.wa in 140-65 with W7 pro SP1 x86.

After installing a system the folder "notepad2" and the files are at there place in x:\Program Files\...

but there are no registry entries about notepad2. :huh:

Using Editor starts the builtin Editor, not notepad2.

I´ve made a test with 140-45 and there is all ok.

It seems that something is going wrong from 140-45 to 140-65. :type:

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