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  1. FYI On system with uninstalled KB3138378 kb3115858 is offered by WU. Sorry, please delete the double post.
  2. Kb3134814 (IE11) is superseeded by kb3139929. You can check the status of every Kb under catalog.update.microsoft.com.
  3. Hi I'm not using Wintoolkit, I integrate them from the command line. You are right, it is difficult to track down what is causing the SFC problem, but I'll keep testing and post back anything significant. Kind regards I´ve found some reports about problems with kb3126587 and kb3126593, hope it helps. http://www.tigercomms.com/news/microsoft-windows-updates-kb3126587-and-kb3126593-which-were-released-9-february-2016-are, https://social.technet.microsoft.com/Forums/en-US/1016c38f-20cc-418c-a0df-af8091b1d9f5/kb3126587-and-kb3126593-install-fails-with-error-80070026?forum=w7itprosecurity, https://social.msdn.microsoft.com/Forums/vstudio/en-US/2ecfef80-cd3d-4e03-985c-cb2b523a00e9/issue-with-kb3126587-kb3126593?forum=netfxsetup
  4. FYI It is a Telemetrie and Datatracking Update for upgrading Win 7/ 8/8.1 to win 10! :no:
  5. Hi I downloaded the new 4.6.1 installer, added german Lp and installed it into a VM. The Picture shows the result. Is it OK?
  6. Hi to all MS released a corrected version of 3097877 today. hope it helps. I downloaded it from catalog.update. addition: Now is WU on my Laptop with a corrected Version activ.
  7. @rhahgleuhargh Hi Google translation french - german is horrible. Do i understand right: 3081320 and 3101746 are Runonce? :questionmark: :questionmark: 3101246 is normal integratable? Thanks for your answer
  8. The question after the patch-day is only: MS "waked-up" and says KB3060716& KB3071756 (new) replace KB3067505, but this one has already been replaced by KB3057154: do the new KBs replace KB3075154 too???? Yes, kb3057154 is in Deepclean log. I found the entry in realmachine log and in VM log.
  9. Hi There is another additional Update: kb3040272 (correct problems installing Languagepacks).
  10. Me too..... :aggressive: There are also reports about problems with kb3061518 (broken https request/connections, problem with IE). "good" job, MS :no:
  11. @Thiersee Do you really think kb3022345 is necessary? :questionmark: Its a Data collecting and Tracking tool without no benefits for the user or the system. Only MS does know which Data are collected and send to Redmond.
  12. Hi There is a new update. kb 3000483, it comes with kb3004375-v3 by download from update catalog und replace kb 2536276-v2.
  13. The Website ... good. The prices are ok. :thumbsup: Term for grand opening? :fun: :beerchug:
  14. Yeah, i noticed. THX a lot. Have a nice day.
  15. Today i dont have the time. I have downloaded teamviewer full version. Send u message next days, ok? Have a nice day. UPDATE: There are some news. My son tried to build a new Installstick for his lap. After he run into same problems like me, he go a different way to finish. He start in advanced tab the Component remover without any action and close it with holding the image mounted. then he start in basic the integrator and load the existing preset. He said, he could see that all 387 items in the preset are loaded, but after the screen appears from 164 Updates only 4 are listed. He deleted the 4 and tried to add the Updates and get the message that 154 updaes are skipped, because they have a invalid architecture - see attached Update.txt. My daughter tried same at my PC and got the same result. WTK 152.15 isnt able to work with the Updates on my PC. Very strange! All OS are Win7 pro x64 SP 1. My son uses original Dism, on my PC is the newer Version installed. On Both machines is now 152.11 in action without any Problems. Hope this helps. update.txt
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