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[Repack] Adobe Reader XI v.11.0.6 EN, FR & NL (01-2014)


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Adobe Reader XI AddOns ENU, FRA and NLD

Repacked installer with removed VC++ Runtimes
and disabled AdobeARM service startup.
Installers require VC9 and VC10 prior to install.

AddOns integrate with RVMI, nLite and DX-Integrator.
Installers can be found by unpacking the AddOns.
Available multimode switches for all Windows:

silent: " -gm2 -qn"
pasive: " -qb"
live install with GUI


MD5: E57E97E381CE360C53BF52A726B7FC22
Size: 40,29 MB


MD5: 69DD4929CA2C4D569B24627009419442
Size: 40,28 MB


MD5: F7E523C9AC7AA226AB0BDB01349F5C78
Size: 40,92 MB
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I can't reproduce the error you have.

I installed without problem both english and 

french on Vista 32bit and Win 7-64bit.

Are you sure that the Vc Runtimes are correctly 

installed before the Adobe Reader installer runs?


Are there any others experiencing this error?

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thought my somewhat outdated vc runtimes pack was at fault, so I uninstalled them, DLed them straight from microsoft.com, installed them => still the same error


I opened your installer's msi, removed a few lines mentioning msvcr90.dll in "FeatureComponents" and "ModuleComponents" (I have no knowledge about msi editing, so I have no idea what I actually did) => works like a charm. I tried to open a pdf and it worked as well


I took a quick look at your 11.0.5 installer's msi for reference, it found only one entry with "msvcr90.dll", while it found several in the 11.0.6's msi.


once again, I have little to no clue about msi editing, so I don't know if it's the source of the problem or just my paranoïd mind at work

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