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Configure UAC


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I need a file. Reg allows to configure the UAC.


Maybe someone has it or knows where it can be downloaded.


On this page it is described: HERE


Important points: This disable Admin Approval Mode

                           To disable UAC from promting .....

                           To change the elevation prompts behavior...

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UAC is mostly handled by group policy settings, in Windows 8, not the registry as it was in Windows 7. Go here for a full explanation. In order to bypass the chore of changing each of the four group policy settings that the PeteNetLive article cites, (for, say, a Windows 8 clean install or reinstall) you can make the changes once, then export your policy settings to a file and use this command to reinstate on a standalone PC:

C:\Windows\System32\SecEdit.exe /configure /db %temp%\temp.sdb /cfg C:\Path_to_your_UAC_policy.inf

Keep in mind that the automated install of a UAC policy won't be able to change settings for at least one of the group policy settings cited in the article. "User Account Control: Only elevate UIAccess applications that are installed in secure locations", is one you have to set manually, I think. However, you will get rid of the annoying UAC prompt for most application installs and other administrative tasks.


I hope that helps.

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