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  1. Updated to v 10.0 February 8, 2021
  2. Updated to v 10.0 February 8, 2021
  3. Updated to v 8.0 March 31, 2019
  4. I used to use Ricktendo's compact version of this. But since Microsoft updates this package rather frequently and since the repacked version is now the same size as Microsoft's, what's the point of integrating it? I now make it a silent install addon with NDP472-KB4054530-x86-x64-AllOS-ENU.exe /q /norestart That way, I only have to replace the corresponding file in the WinToolkit_Apps folder when Microsoft updates rather than recompile a new install.wim.
  5. Updated to version 7.8e, with fixes to some hyperlinks and expanded "Shell New" items.
  6. Wow. How did I miss that? Thanks, mooms.
  7. Anybody seen a good tutorial on .inf installers with a file section that actually, reliably uninstalls? The Microsoft stuff online makes no sense to me. Also, as I have experimented and looked at other .inf files on my own system, the inf's with installation instructions doesn't seem to actually delete itself even if the install directories and registry entries are removed. Looks like they all just remain in the %WindDirZ%\Inf folder.
  8. Anybody know what command I can put into autounattend.xml to install Windows 8 in to an already formatted and existing Disk 0, Partition C, so my setup does not stop at that dialog screen? All the examples I have seen are for formatting the drive and I don't want to do that since I am dual booting with another OS that I install before I do a clean install of Windows 8. My current .xml file below: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> <!--Created by BYTE-ME--> <unattend xmlns="urn:schemas-microsoft-com:unattend"> <settings pass="windowsPE"> <component na
  9. 2021 Windows Mega Tweaks v 10.0 All new, installable setup file that gives access to more than 100 Windows tweaks. File: BMTweaks10.1.7z CRC-32: 213e6985 MD4: 596f348005c26af05c967a4930bba0f1 MD5: b1d15639bb8977b20f18837fa0846a42 SHA-1: 81d1f8eee581cddf778cd03db60dffd64525a7f7 DOWNLOAD: Tweaks 10.0 Created an installer for the Tweaks and made them uninstallable Added a Readme.pdf file in the download archive to explain installation options Pruned the number of example Control Panel applets to five Many tweaks now make backups before changing reg
  10. Is the Wintool tab: "Copy Modified Files to Your Image", only for replacing existing Windows files like Notepad.exe or calc.exe or can you add non-existing files as well. I ask because I see that radio check button and I tried adding custom cursors to the Windows\Cursors folder on Windows 8.1 and nothing happened. I also can't reliably copy to the cursor folder using WPI after an install. Any suggestions. (I'm using version if it makes any difference.
  11. I do not have access to Server 2012 and therefore have not tested the tweaks on that platform. I would assume that most of them work, particularly the menu-interface ones. However, in a server environment, I would suggest that you apply the tweaks one at a time and test them if reliability is important to you.
  12. Happy to support the site but please remove my real name. Thanks.
  13. As an example, say I want to put a shortcut in the taskbar for magnify.exe, which is included with windows in the system32 folder. Since the program magnify.exe already exists, can I make an inno installer to install the taskbar shortcut pointing to magnify.exe since I now have to do this manually after a clean install?
  14. I'm no Inno expert. In fact, this is my first time using it. So I'm lost here. If I have an existing program installed on my PC and I want to create an installer that automatically pins it to the taskbar. I'm trying to figure out which code to modify in shuangxiang2008 included "PinShortcutOntoTaskbar-task.iss" script. Must I do something more than modify the paths to: (ExpandConstant('{app}') and the entry under [Files] Source: Thanks
  15. Can WinToolKit Integrate legacy DotNet into Windows 8.1 I know this was an issue when Windows 8.1 was first released... (I'm not quite sure on postings about WinToolkit when it concerns Windows 8 vs. Windows 7 so please move this post to the appropriate forum.)
  16. In case anyone else is interested, .esd is an encrypted file format, so there is apparently no way to use the Win Toolkit with these versions.
  17. On student and upgrade versions of Windows 8 there is no install.wim file. There is a install.esd file about the same size. Can that .esd file be temporarily renamed to install.wim to launch the Win Toolkit process then renamed back to install.esd before installing Windows 8?
  18. Kelsenellenelvian and Legolash2o make great tools for quickly installing Windows and I highly recommend WPI and Win Toolkit.
  19. UAC is mostly handled by group policy settings, in Windows 8, not the registry as it was in Windows 7. Go here for a full explanation. In order to bypass the chore of changing each of the four group policy settings that the PeteNetLive article cites, (for, say, a Windows 8 clean install or reinstall) you can make the changes once, then export your policy settings to a file and use this command to reinstate on a standalone PC: C:\Windows\System32\SecEdit.exe /configure /db %temp%\temp.sdb /cfg C:\Path_to_your_UAC_policy.infKeep in mind that the automated install of a UAC policy won't be able to
  20. @bphlpt. Yes, I think that's right. The new registry entries showed up after I created the tasks but before I actually ran them.
  21. Found it! New tasks are entered into the registry under the "TaskCache\Tree". (Then look for the name of the key of one of the tasks you imported) HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Schedule\TaskCache\Tree\
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