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[Question] Tweak :: Remove HomeGroup from Explorer and Disabling Services


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I believe that 'tweak' just removes the references to the HomeGroup in Explorer.  As for the services, you would have to manually tweak those to disabled, or remove the "HomeGroup" package from the source (could be problematic with dependencies).

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I believe that 'tweak' just removes the references to the HomeGroup in Explorer.  As for the services, you would have to manually tweak those to disabled, or remove the "HomeGroup" package from the source (could be problematic with dependencies).


Thank you for your response crashfly. With respect to related services I will go with your first suggestion and disable the services via Win Toolkit. I'm not a big fan of removing components from a Win 7 source. 


Just removes the icon from explorer view.


Thanks for confirming Lego. Makes sense that the tweak removes the reference in Explorer. From what I can tell disabling the two HomeGroup services will also remove the reference from Explorer. You may want to include that in the Tweaks description in your future release of Win Toolkit.


Best Regards.

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Sorry, What I meant to say was that, maybe you could add to the description '...Does not disable HomeGroup services...' Anyhow, I think the current description pretty much implies that. Just a suggestion. Best Regards.

It already says "Removes 'HomeGroup' from left panel in explorer"

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    • By Alps
      Hi all!
      I'm choosing the components to remove from my cd (Win XP Pro) and in the services section there are 3 which I don't know whether taking out.
      First, a red component, HTTP SSL: considering that I'm not going to use Internet Explorer, is it safe to remove it even if I use SSL for e-mail or other services?
      Second, another red component, SNMP: there is a generic reference to printer support and agents that monitor the activity in network devices and report to the network console workstation. Does it have something to do with router connection, USB devices for connecting to the local router or stuff like that? If wireless printing support (or USB printing) is needed, can SNMP be safely removed anyway?
      Third, a black component, Network DDE: does its removal affect the local router connection and security issues?
      Fourth, another black component, QoS RSVP (and related QoS): does it have something to do with internet USB keys (such as dLink) for router connection (or HSDPA connection)? If so, should I keep it?
      Following the full list of components in Services section:
      Application Layer Gateway
      Automatic Updates
      Background Intelligent Transfer Service (BITS)
      Beep Driver
      DHCP Client
      Distributed Link Tracking Client
      Distributed Transaction Coordinator (DTC)
      DNS Client
      Error Reporting
      Event Log
      Extensible Authentication Protocol Service
      Fax Services
      Health Key and Certificate Management Service
      HTTP SSL
      Imapi CD burning COM Services
      Indexing Service
      Internet Authentication (IAS)
      IPSEC Policy Agent
      Kerberos Key Distribution Center
      Message Queuing
      Net Logon
      Network Access Protection (NAP)
      Network DDE
      Network Location Awareness (NLA)
      Network Provisioning
      Performance Logs and Alerts
      Protected Storage
      QoS RSVP and Quality of Service
      Remote Registry
      Removable Storage
      Route Listening Servise
      RPC Locator
      Secondary Logon
      Service Advertising Protocol
      Shell Services
      Simple TCP/IP Services
      System Event Notification (SENS)
      System Monitor
      System Restore
      Task Scheduler
      TCP/IP NetBIOS Helper
      Telnet Server
      Terminal Services
      Text Services Framework
      Uninterruptible Power Supply
      Universal Plug and Play
      Volume Shadow Copy
      Windows Firewall/Internet Connection Sharing (ICS)
      Windows Management Instrumentation
      Windows Time
      Wired AutoConfig
      Wireless Configuration

      Lastly, this is my list of components to remove: Alerter, Application Layer Gateway, Distributed Link Tracking Client, Error Reporting, IMAPI CD burning com services, Indexing Services, Messenger, QoS RSVP, Remote Registry, Removable Storage, Service Advertising Protocol, TCP/IP NetBIOS Helper, Telnet, Text Services Framework, Volume Shadow Copy.
      Since I use a router connection (sometimes a HSDPA key), do you think that removal of any of the components of my list would badly affect my internet connection?
      Do you think I could include something else on my components list, something absolutely unuseful that I missed at first sight?
    • By thx
      I turned off many processes but after installing Windows these processes are running (are set to default: auto).
      Diagnostic Policy Service - DPSDistributed Link Tracking Client - TrkWks  Windows 7 SP1 Ultimate x64 #ServicesApplication Management::DisabledASP.NET State Service::DisabledBranch Cache::DisabledCertificate Propagation::DisabledDiagnostic Policy::DisabledDistributed Link Tracking Client::DisabledFTP::DisabledFunction Discovery Resource Publication::ManualIP Helper::DisabledLPD Service::DisabledMedia Center Extender::DisabledNet.Msmq Listener Adapter::DisabledNet.Pipe Listener Adapter::DisabledNet.Tcp Listener Adapter::DisabledNet.Tcp Port Sharing::DisabledNetlogon::DisabledNetwork Access Protection Agent::DisabledOffline Files::DisabledParental Controls::DisabledPrint Spooler::ManualProgram Compatibility Assistant::DisabledRemote Desktop Configuration::DisabledRemote Desktop Services::DisabledRemote Procedure Call (RPC) Locator::DisabledRemote Registry::DisabledRouting and Remote Access::DisabledSmart Card::DisabledSmart Card Removal Policy::DisabledSNMP Trap::DisabledWindows Connect Now - Config Registrar::DisabledWindows Defender::DisabledWindows Media Player Network Sharing::DisabledWindows Process Activation::DisabledWindows Search::DisabledWindows Update::Disabled  sorry for my english
    • By Tuesday77
      Microsoft Core XML Services 4.0 SP3 + 6.0 SP2 (Silent Installer)
      Microsoft Core XML Services 4.0 (SP3 integrated/x86 Only)
      Microsoft Core XML Services 6.0 (x86/x64/ia64/SDK [English Only])
      Microsoft Core XML Services 6.0 SP2 (x86/x64/ia64)
      Download: ZSFX_MSXML_FULL_V100_ENGLISH.7z (English!)
      Size: 13,5 MB (14.237.611 bytes)
      MD5: 6A970DD62203AE06FFE792250E1CB532
      Download: ZSFX_MSXML_FULL_V100_GERMAN.7z (Deutsch!)
      Size: 9,48 MB (9.947.254 bytes)
      MD5: 67DC78CA6715247A2D2F560B42C6C4F0
      Changelog: (Created by ME, Zer0)

      Thank you Kelsenellenelvian for your very smart tutorial!
      If you have any issues or suggestions, please let me know!
      Have fun! Greez BrokenZer0
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