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Windows Vista and WiFi


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Ok, now I have another question based on power conservation. When I use my laptop, I'm mainly on the internet, but, I'm not consistently utilizing the network.

So, I was basically wondering, if anyone has seen a program, that after a certain time delay, the network will automatically disable itself. But when there is a network request sent out, it automatically re-enables the network.

Any ideas?

Original Post

I was reading somewhere on the net, that, when you have the computer on "Power Saver" mode, it will automatically disable Windows Aero interface when you put the computer on battery.

I was just wondering if anyone here has been able to do this. I'm running Vista Home Basic, so maybe it just isn't possible with Basic.

Anyway, just wondering. ;)

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Vista Basic doesn't support Aero. You've probably find an alternate way of runing Aero on Vista Home Basic. ^_^

I have Vista business on my laptop and Aero isn't turned off when I switch to battery power, although Aero is draining battery preety fast.

Apparently there's a fix for this issue, but I haven't tried it:


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Thanks N1K, worked perfectly :)

I take my laptop off of A/C and it immediately goes to Vista Basic theme. I will test this out and see how much battery is saved.

Will post back with my results :)

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Vista Basic doesn't support Aero.

It does, and it doesn't. I don't have the fancy transparency effects, but I do have the new GUI. ie) Shadows under windows, fancy title bars and such.


Vista Basic:


Vista Standard:


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