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[SOLVED] Microsoft Dynamics Navision 2009 [SOLVED] and Sage ACT 2013 [unSOLVED] no installation


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i cannot get managed to get this work to install silently with installer.

If i try my sfx after installer have finished and first login is passed and i rerun the pakage it installs fine.


If needed if will upload the pakage somewhere.


Using this in a Batch:

"%cd%\setup.exe" /quiet /log "%windir%\Temp\Navision.log" /config "%cd%\Classic.xml"

After trying directly via sfxmaker parameters:

setup.exe /quiet /log /config Classic.xml

Both methods with a sfx doesnt work while executed by installer, but when its finished and i rerun the pakages they install fine.

source (german):



I have a different Problem with Sage ACT 2013...



"%cd%\ACTWG\setup.exe" /s /f1"%cd%\ACTWG\issconfig.iss"


setup.exe /s /f1"issconfig.iss"

(missing space between f1 and "iss... is correct)

source (english):




Both dont work while installer, after firstlogin they work.



Maybe someone else installing these pakages? :)



Greetz X23

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guys please can someone assist with navision 2009 i can also give you the needed files for testing.

I tried it different ways and i cant get managed to install this stupid app silently.


I also tried installing navision directly over its msis, if i start the msi by hand i can install everything

if i try /passive /qn /quiet or something it doesnt install... navision sucks :)


Please help someone.



Greetz X23

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i have Navision working now, i dont use their full setup anymore.

I just keep the CSideClient (Microsoft Dynamics NAV Classic.msi) folder and from installers

i keep (ClassicClient.Local.De.msi) and (Documentation.Local.DE.msi)


To have a thin navision installer you can delete the demo db:


CommonAppData\Microsoft\Microsoft Dynamics NAV\60\Database\database.fbk

CommonAppData\Microsoft\Microsoft Dynamics NAV\60\Database\database.fdb


Create empty dummie files because setup will stop if they dont exists.

I use the following batch to install:

@echo offmsiexec.exe /i "%cd%\Microsoft Dynamics NAV Classic.msi" /qn /norestart SETUPTYPE=MINIMALmsiexec.exe /i "%cd%\ClassicClient.Local.De.msi" /qn /norestartmsiexec.exe /i "%cd%\Documentation.Local.DE.msi" /qn /norestart

Same procedure for the RTC Client (a demo database isn't existing here)


ACT 13 is still not working who can help?



Greetz X23

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