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Installation failed


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My windows 7 x64 sp1 consumes 1gb of ram just after installing it so I decided to make a lite version with Win Toolkit.


The first problem I have is that it needed five complete hours to do all the job. My pc is a Phenom 2 x4 3,2GHz, 4GB of RAM and a SATA 2 HDD (I mean, no SSD).


I integrated 126 updates (almost all post sp1) removed a lot of components that I never need it (57), selected almost all form vLite tab, selected "tweaked" on services tab and did 87 tweaks.


The mayor problem I have is that after the windows 7 almost finish his job it shows this error and if you click "accept" just restarts again and again:




English: The computer restarted suddenly or an error ocurred. Windows installation cannot continue. For installing Windows click "Accept" for restart the computer and restart the installation.


I atached the presets file generated.


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IMHO that's exactly why I suggest people do this in steps...how do you know where the problem is? Is it with the hotfixes? Is it with the removals? Is it with the tweaks? If you had created an image with the hotfixes and that worked then you could keep that WIM and just play with that adding tweaks, removals etc until it works... much easier that having to run the entire process over from scratch.

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