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(Small) requests regarding IE10 integrability


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As I've said here (sorry for beeing offtopic there), please:


1. Implement only the updates found in the official article from Microsoft as IE10 prerequisites.


2. Make a pop-up warning window for novice users when detecting IE10, to make sure all those five updates are also integrated.


2'. Would be very good if this screen won't appear if those updates are also present (redundant warning), but I don't want to complicate things code-wise, this part is only optional. :)

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1. It does that anyway. The reason his picture had more is because he had more than just IE updates, but also an update for which is needed before Remote Desktop update can be installed.


2. It does it for when adding the EXE but not cab/msu


3. Already does that. It won't show updates in the notification if they are already present in the list.

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Just tried to integrate the IE10 .cab (english version, no language packs), and before getting to the two issues below, just like to say that the correct prerequisites (the correct 5 hotfixes) are pushed ~ above for it, and IE10 is detected even as a .cab. Great! :)


1. As you can see in the screenshots below, IE10 .cab isn't integrated AFTER the prerequisites unless it's named properly. Putting a ''z'' before the real name of the .cab ''solves'' the issue. But this shouldn't happen, this is more of a bug, IE10 .cab SHOULD ALWAYS be pushed last in the prerequisites front list, beeing ALWAYS integrated AFTER the 5 hotfixes.


2. Tried to integrate the IE10 .cab without prerequisites. ''Succeded'' with a blue line - no warning box whatsoever! Of course IE10 wasn't really integrated, but my request above was to add a warning box (smth like ''be sure to also integrate the followinf FIVE hotfixes that are needed for IE10 to be integrated properly'') when IE10 is detected.



LE: x86 host system environment, maybe this is important, to be more exact Win Toolkit was used in a x86 windows 7 H.P. environment. :)




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