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[Solved] Installer preparation only swaps the first space against underscore!


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when WTK is preparing the Apps Folder it looks like it swaps spaces against underscores,

but only the first time it find spaces all the rest are still alive.


Is that design or just a little bug, installers always work.


My source installer directory:




This is what i have after integration in WTK_Apps folder:





I think this is mainly cosmetic i never had a problem with it, but i look strange.

Sure i can just rename my source folder from spaces to underscores manually but this should not be a solution.



Greetz X23

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I agree it might be "best practice" to not have any spaces in any path, but most recent OS and apps are programmed to correctly handle spaces in paths.  So if the user really wants to have spaces, they should probably be allowed, or if not, at least be consistent and change them all.


The only place I know of that spaces are still very rarely handled correctly, if at all, is if you try to have spaces in an IP address, which is why those are usually converted to "%20".


Cheers and Regards

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