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[BUG] WTK tells that installer sfx is allready existing


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i have two entry in my automatic install list:

Microsoft Malicious Software RemovalMicrosoft Malicious Software Removal Definitions

I wanted to update MMSR from 4.17 to 4.18 so i removed the 4.17 entry

and tried to add the same again but with 4.18 binary.


Then WTK tells me this entry allready exists.


Iam sure this is related to the Microsft Malicious Software Removal Definitions,

the string starts exactly the same but has " Definitions" added.


It seems WTK isn't checking the complete string, it also matches strings that

starts same but are not really the same :D


So i added the new 4.18 with a little changed string and if it's added i can give

it back the right name "Microsoft Malicious Software Removal"


Maybe the string check is set to contains and not to equal.


@Lego please fix.





Greetz X23

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