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Windows 8.1 (Blue) coming - a kind of SP1 for 8, only better


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I got it all ready, and I even activate it. also tweak most of the stuff except the METRO
(microsoft is giving pain in the ass with it) :thumbsdown_anim:
 (actually I'm susing it right now).


The version is buggy, and you can't multitasking, in my own word is the same **** but only have a different METRO FRAME. that's all. <_< 

If some one want it. please let me a note in my FaceBook wall, saying that you are my Friend from WinCert and you want everything I got in Windows Blue. (So I dont have to upload for nothing)  :cap: 

http://facebook.com/Alex.the.Cuban   :gleam:

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What is this exactly that you are offering to upload?  If you are offering to upload a version of Windows 8 that you have tweaked, I'm afraid you cannot do that here, activated or not.  You are not an authorized distributor for MS, so this will be considered warez.


Cheers and Regards

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I'm actually looking forward to 8.1. I'm a desktop user and in 99% of time I don't use or need Metro Start. I've set a couple of tiles I thought I might find handy but... Nope, always going directly into desktop. Already tried a few tips and tricks on how to boot directly into desktop (sadly with mediocre results) but.. I know this is not it.

Other than that, I don't really miss the start button Or log out/turn off buttons, for that matter because Alt+F4 solves it for me.

I also read somewhere that Win8.1 will be offered as a free upgrade from Win8 but not from Win7.

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