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Bad News


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Things have been pretty busy and with other things have affected my mental health quite abit. Things are getting better though. I have 2 GOOD news relating to Win Toolkit.


1. In about 2-3 weeks time I will have LOTS of spare time and will pick up Win Toolkit again.

2. I get to pick my final year project soon or 'propose' one. That is when i'm going to propose Win Toolkit :D


I have still be checking the forum but mostly without login in. Been getting lots of PMs which I'm sift through now lol.


P.S. Is McRips server down. I'm wanting to update the ISOs :D

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Good to see you Liam!
Yes McRip has quit due to lack of support and I'm sure he got tired of everyone pestering him for updates and his site/server kept getting attacked.  I think KUC is still sort of around, but I'm not sure if it's up to date and it seems he has gotten burned out a bit as well.  If he is around, he definitely isn't as active.  In the meantime, RicaNeaga is trying to take up the slack as you can see here and here.  I think that's currently your best option, unless you want to do it manually yourself via MU / WU.


We'll look forward to your future work!


Cheers and Regards

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