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64 Bit Applications


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Well for those addon on makers do any of these addons here on this site work for XP x64, i just got a new pc and it has 64 bit dual core blah blah blah.

I have triend nlite and rvmintergrator but they ingergrate just fine, but when i run thru vmware nothing runs

any suggestions?


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They seem to Intergrate fine but when windows loads up they dont show up anywhere.. most of the ones that i have found, for x64 slipstream work with .rar extension only.

any 7zip & most .cab files dont seem to work with nlite or rvm remember this is for x64 only.

its almost all apps, from here. like sidebar, all the vista gadgets etc.. the start screen etc..

i would love to see if someone can make a pack with .rar just to see if it works.

hope this helps a bit.


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INF-based XP x86 addons with internal cabinet files are not inherently compatible with XP x64. There are a couple of ways to make existing addons compatible, but I'll outline the simpler method.

First off, no changes should need to be made to the Entries*.ini file. Addons which change OS system files should not be made compatible. The binaries will not match and you'll most likely have problems.

Up to three changes need to be made to the INF:

  1. All .x86 decorations must be removed. They never should have been put into addon INFs to begin with. ;) One example is [sourceDisksNames.x86]: change it to simply [sourceDisksNames].
  2. Second, all references to the I386 location need to be changed to AMD64. Usually the only one is in [sourceDisksNames]. Here's an example that incorporates the change above as well:
    1="Signed Theme Files","SgndThms.cab",,"i386"

    must be changed to

    1="Signed Theme Files","SgndThms.cab",,"AMD64"

  3. Finally, the following values must be changed in all occurances:
    • %ProgramFiles% to %ProgramFiles(x86)%
    • 16422 to 16426
    • 16427 to 16428

Note: The new values are undefined in x86 OSes. They are specific to x64, and perhaps IA64, architectures.

Here's one example:

WMPSkins		= 16422,"Windows Media Player\Skins"

must be changed to

WMPSkins		= 16426,"Windows Media Player\Skins"

EDIT 1: LOL, I just realized that the last reply to this thread was posted last year.

EDIT 2: After some digging, I found some DirIDs not defined in gosh's list. Post updated to reflect the new information. :)

Edited by 5eraph
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Don't worry about replying to a topic after a long period of inactivity, as I think it keeps the forums more tidy and less confusing. Some people do tend to get very angry over this but hey, so what! I hate it when people start the same topics over and over again when one would suffice!

So I say keep it simple!

........oh and there is some good info in this thread too! :D

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