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[Solved] Sorry, no updates until 2014


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Sorry guys, PC fan finally died today (WD40 and mineral oil no longer do the trick to unstick the thing,) so if a addon or repack is a bit larger and needs to be compressed (like my updatepack, .net4*, etc.) I will not be able to update these until the replacement fan I ordered arrives from China (because the living room PC is not cut out for the job)


Don't forget folks, if you have any old hardware lying around gathering dust..."think of Akeem." (FYI my stepdad is currently working in the US, shipping it to him instead of Central America should be allot cheaper.

Thank you for your understanding

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Update: Part still not arrived but post office says a shipment of mail is due today and another tomorrow. Will check Saturday, hopefully it will be in one of them.

In the meantime been doing/learning to unlock and flash my Android tablet (OEM too lazy to update the KitKat so I had to learn.)

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ES File explorer is great, do you have tried ES task manager ?

Since you've rooted your tablet, I recommend you Titanium Backup, Autorun Manager, DroidWall, AdAway and Greenify, they are great companions of rooted devices !


It is possible to watch TV (don't know for recording but space may be a concern) from android devices in my country (IPTV is common in France).

I will never ditch my PC for an Android device, for me it is two different things.

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Thank you mooms for those really AWESOME! app suggestions (AdAway is my fav of all)

Update: still not gotten the fan but I tracked it to my city, going to check the post office tomorrow see if they find it.

Happy New Year, lets hope 2014 is better than the last

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Thanks everybody, finally got the fan Friday before last (PC seems to be running much cooler as well)

What type of hardware you looking for?

I have a pretty decent custom win7 build, 22'' monitor, 500GB HDD, DVD-RW, wireless logitech kb+mouse, only thing slowing it down is a pentium 4 mobo with radeon x600 for aero...so if anybody has an old mobo (or half working laptop) gathering dust I will gladly give it a home

Maybe you don't have anything at the moment, just keep me this in mind for the future


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