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RunOnce Installer


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Here are some switches for silent installers :


WinRAR =>  /s not /S

.Net framework 4 & 4.5.1 => /q /norestart

Notepad++ => /S not /s

Adobe flash player standalone => -install

Directx 9.0c => /silent

Microsoft Visual C++ =>  /q

Mozilla Firefox => /s



Just as a tip for you all; before add them make sure they works in RUN...

click browse for specified .exe then add the switch just to make sure it works !


example : click run.. browse  "C:\Winrar\winrar.exe" /s


Good luck !

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Hola, realmente no entiendo. ¿yo creo manualmente el archivo install.ini y guardarlo en la carpeta SOURCES? he buscado el archivo install.ini en la carpeta SOURCES y no existe.




Hi, I really do not understand. I manually created the file and save install.ini the SOURCES folder? I searched the install.ini SOURCES file in the folder does not exist.


#Lets you specify the configuration of the installers#InstallDir is where your apps are located#DriverDir is which directories to scan for inf files#Reboot makes RunOnce reboot Windows after completion#ShowBrowse will show folder browse dialog if no source is detection[Config]INSTALLDIR=E:\WinToolkit_Apps2INSTALLDIR=E:\WinToolkit_Apps3INSTALLDIR=WinToolkit_AppsINSTALLDIR=Sources\AppsDRIVERDIR=Sources\Drivers2DRIVERDIR=E:\Sources\DriversREBOOT=FALSESHOWBROWSE=TRUE#Things which will always get installed. Anything after * is a switch i.e. /S /Q /Silent[Automatic]ISO-Workshop=%DVD%:\WinToolkit_Apps\ISO-Workshop2\ISO-Workshop.exe*/S#User will be asked to choose which of the following apps to install.[Manual]

You can now have a install.ini file within your sources folder. :P When you have InstallDir added multiple times, it will scan all locations for the exe so you can have files scattered if need be.


If a location doesn't have a drive specified it will scan the roots of all driver until a match is found. Drivers install pretty fast too and only install the needed ones :P


Also, if manuals are listed and the user hasn't moved the mouse, etc.. after 10 minutes, it will continue with the windows installation with just drivers/automatics installed.


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English (Google)
So sorry to bother but I need help.
Hello. What is the RunOnce file that creates Wintoolkit because in my project I have two Windows, one is x86 and one is x64?. Does the file install.ini how difference between a platform and another platform to install?. 
I install Windows 7 x86 and x86 programs installed when I install Windows 7 x64 x64 programs are installed, what file creates Wintoolkit to select the applications depending on the platform you install on your computer?. 
I edit the file I ask because I want to change the order of some applications.
Spanish (Original)
Hola. ¿Cuál es el archivo RunOnce que Wintoolkit crea ya que yo tengo en mi proyecto dos Windows, un es x86 y el otro es x64?. ¿El archivo INSTALL.INI cómo diferencia entre la una plataforma y la otra plataforma para instalar?.
instalo Windows 7 x86 y se instalan los programas x86, cuando instalo Windows 7 x64 se instalan los programas x64, ¿Qué archivo crea Wintoolkit para seleccionar las aplicaciones según la plataforma que instale en el computador?.
Quiero modificar el archivo que pido porque deseo cambiar el orden de algunas aplicaciones.





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Hello i have an idea about the runonce installer what about if you can make it a separate program so anyone can use it in a ready windows system and not only after the windows install finished for example i have a computer with windows and i want to install my favorite programs in it automatic with one click.so what i ask is if its possible to make the Runonce Installer of Wintoolkit portable as a standalone installer for programs/utils to run it in another ready system instead only after windows setup finished only.thanks

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i face some issues over RunOnce installation

1.) i put automatiic and manual instation via install.ini But manual only works.. automatic install missing.

2.) Manual installation also going all in one time. not one by one.

what mistake i did????

Thanks in advance...


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