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Competition: The Great Bug Hunt [Ends 9th May 2014]


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Whilst a take a week off WinToolkit for revision (exams), I decided to run a little competition to help create the best program ever. Normally I would make 'The Little Things' thread but lets make this fun. 


NOTE: I will still be on the forums, just not coding. 



The top bug hunter (reports most) will receive.

  • 1 serial key.
  • If they have posted a request in the 'Requests' forum then that will get implemented. Depending on how big of a task :P

Runners Up (2nd/3rd)

  • 1 serial key.

Look for: 

  • Bugs (+1)
  • Glitches (+1)
  • Spelling errors / grammar (+0.2)
  • GUI faults (+0.2)
  • Anything important really (+0.2 - 1)

(points per report)


If you have reported a bug before (i.e. sorting), then make a new post about the issue.


You need / Rules:

  • Each report must have its own topic. Spelling and grammar can go in one topic :)
  • Expected outcome - What was meant to happen
  • Actual outcome - What actually happened.
  • Details on how to reproduce the error
  • Possibly screenshots. (+0.2)
  • Video for extra marks (+1) i.e. sorting bug or hard to reproduce errors.   :P

Frequently Asked Questions:

Send a PM if you have any questions :)


Scores(Updated as I fixed the issue)

BrokenZer0: 12.0

Thiersee: 8.7

Spidernz: 6.0

RicaNeaga: 4.8

Ianymaty: 4.4

Etz: 3.0

Skippy: 2.0

Xyla16: 2.2

adminxp: 1.4

Eroder: 0.2

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Updated scores.
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I'm glad I started this competition. A lot more bugs have been reported which is great news. Shame that I've got to spend most of my time revising. Keep up the good work guys. 

:albert:  :w00t:  :wub:


P.S. Just as a reminder. I update the scores as soon as I have fixed your reports, so don't worry if your score isn't accurate :)

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  • 1 month later...

Don't worry if your score hasn't been updated, i'm still keeping track of them. The competition will end on 1st April 2014 9th May 2014.


Please go through any posts you have made and give a status update or a bump if you are still experiencing the issue. Thanks :) Please make sure to use the latest test version.


UPDATE: I decided to change the end date to 9th of may as that's when my last piece of coursework has to be in for.

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