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[Solved] (Urgent) Intel chipset drivers not integratable by Win Toolkit for x86 versions of win 7


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Sorry Lego for naming this way the topic, but really, it's urgent because only tommorow I'll have the hardware available that will allow me to test this works. I have a friend with an Ivy-Bridge-Intel-based notebook, so the latest integratable Intel drivers aren't good / new enough for him.


It's my fault it's urgent because I forgot to ask you this earlier... I even forgot about a thread I opened at station-drivers :(



Long story short, newer Intel chipset drivers aren't recognised by Win Toolkit because of how they're named inside the infs. You can download them from here or here.


Until now, this is how a ''normal inf data'' helped Win Toolkit integrate them:






So NT5.1 for x86, But now...





So INTEL now stands also for x86, and Win Toolkit wrongfully ''thinks'' that driver is for x64 only. Or maybe it's a bigger picture here, and it's the same thing that DISM ''thinks''?



Please Lego make them integratable via WinToolkit, and this means AIO, the Driver Installer Tool and also the RunOnce tool (that scans for a ''drivers'' named folder in the install media).


I know it's much to ask, I know it's not your fault (Intel engineers seem to drink too much on the job these days), but please make a beta build asap. So I'll be able tommorow to also test the stuff that made me play with the infs and that made me start that thread at station-drivers.

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Tested in the latest beta, and still there are problems. It looks more like an interface minor issue, but I can'd say for sure.


See attached. The drivers are these - So don't ''solve'' this thread before investigating this :)


LE: Looks like a general adding drivers in AIO, ALL the drivers get that warning :( x86 windows 7 environment (host), x86 win 7 target iso, win 7 x86 drivers. beta and also gives this error.


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