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Change the "Wintoolkit_apps" folder Name


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Hola, me gustaría saber cómo puedo cambiar manualmente el nombre de la carpeta "WinToolkit_apps" por otro nombre, ¿Qué archivo es el que controla a esa carpeta ya que no quiero poner programas a la mano en esa carpeta, me gustaría guardar los programas en una carpeta y ruta personalizada dentro del DVD.
Gracias por la información que me puedan brindar.
_______ English from google translate:
Hello, I would like to know how I can manually rename the "WinToolkit_apps" folder by another name, what is the file that controls that folder and do not want to put programs on hand in that folder, I would like to save programs a folder within the custom route and DVD. 
Thanks for the information they can give me.




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Te contesto sin saber, pero creo que los instaladores se ejecutan desde el regedit mediante RunOnce (Primer inicio de Windows). Tendrias que abrir el registro del archivo ".wim" montado y modificar cada registro de cada actualizacion.



I answer without knowing, but I think the installers are run from the RunOnce using regedit (Onset of Windows). You should open the log file. "Wim" mounted and modify each record in each update.
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If you specify an .ini file, does it still look in the "standard" locations, or if an .ini file is present does it only look in the locations you specify?  Just for arguments sake, what if you specify an .ini file but you do not specify an INSTALLDIR at all in it, (say you only used the .ini file to specify a DRIVERDIR), does it not look for any apps?


[sorry to be picky, just trying to get a handle on the program logic you used.]


Cheers and Regards

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