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How to remove a particular gadget from windows7 SP1 ISO image


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sir plz tell me how to remove a particular gadget from windows 7 sp1 iso image?


like gadget, how to remove a particular sound file/wallpaper/screen saver etc from windows 7 image ?


In component removal tool, wintoolkit should display all the existing gadgets/sound files/pictures/wallpapers/drivers so that we can choose which we have to delete or which we have to keep in image.



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May try this (not tested):

1. Mount the image (example with component remover or AIO-Integrator with "Promt Unmount"-Option).#

2. Open mounted system in explorer and delete the specific file, like it would be ur running system.

2. Unmount the image and save/rebuild.


That should work, but i dunno.

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Just do that, iv testet it works:
1. Decompress the WinISO anywhere you want.
2. Start WTK, then WIM-Manager, browse to ur decompress folder.
3. Select prefer image (example Ultimate) and mount it.
(Select folder for mount anywhere except the place of decompress folder.
4. Browse explorer to your decompress folder and then to:
"Program Files\Windows Sidebar\Gadgets" - and remove what you want.
5. Go Win-Manager - unmount your image and save it.
6. Now you can make ISO and install the windows withouth the gadget.


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sir it does not work, i am telling you what i have done: 

1. i have decompressed my windows 7 sp1 image in folder "win7" on drive D  i.e  D:\win7  

2.  i have opened win tool kit and , via WIM manager i have browse my image folder "win7" from drive D

3. then i have selected the image ultimate and then clicked on mount

4. then for mounting,  i have  given folder name "mount" on drive E:

5. it is successfully mounted in  folder "mount" on drive E:

6. now when i open the "mount" folder on drive E and go to "Program Files\Windows Sidebar\Gadgets"  and tries to delete the particular gadget then message comes access is denied, you will need to administrator permission to delete this file/folder, you can't delete this.

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