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first attempt to use wintoolkit and installation error help..


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Hello !


Im new with the wintoolkit integrator and silent install.


I made usb bootable with all windows 7 version, x86/x64,  2 language pack and all windows updates.


After 25 hours to integrated all updates in x86 and approximately same time for all x64 windows version. I noticed 4 errors at the end of x86 and 4 others at the end of x64 integration .


now the installation make an error at ¼ before the end of the installation.


.txt file in attachement.


thank you . This software rock !

all update x64 +winrar +adobe.txt


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thank for your reply !


I already tried to install windows via usb key. but got an error at near the end of windows installation and I cannot continue installing. ( I will tried to take screenshot ).


sorry for my english

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This is what I get in picture link attachement ...


do you think my adobe reader and winrar silent installer can be the problem ? Its the first time I try a silent install. not 100% sure about it.


The software I have use to download all update are : windows hotfix downloader . I have over 500 updates for x64 with this software


but when I look to windows updates downloader 2.50 only 188 updates appears.


thank for tips

image link to onedrive.txt

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Do not integrate these categories:


Additional\Not Integratable
Additional\SUR Tool
Additional\Without Platform
Additional\WUClient EXE
Extra\DCA2.0 Updates
Extra\VirtualPC Updates
Extra\WMF3.0 Updates

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