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[Solved] Other issues with Old/Superseded tab


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Since the other topic was marked as solved I opened another one.


1. Check All / Uncheck All don't work as it should. You need to Select with Shift or Ctrl than Check All tick only those selected. That's not how it should be. Crtl+A don't work either.

Note: Fixed in v1.4.38.1


2. When open Downloader it opens on New tab and the bottom message is "Please select a category..." switch to Old/Superseded tab the message is there too. Switch back to New tab the message is "No new updates". Switch again to Old/Superseded the "No new updates." message is there too.

When you switch between Downloaded tab and Old.Superseded. The message is "You haven't downloaded any updates."


Basically switching back and forth through the tabs the bottom message from the last tab remains on the Old/Superseded tab too.


After selecting a category and after the scan it ends on Downloaded tab the message is "No new updates..."  Notice the trailing dots (...).


After clicking on Check for Old Updates no more messages are displayed on any tab even if select another category.


Hope you understand this behaviour description.

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