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Look n' Stop Firewall 205p3


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Hello, I would like to make a request for Look n' Stop Firewall 205p3. The version I have is a 30day trial version. Although it my seen a bit complex to some, it is the best firewall I have ever used, as well as being the only one I have ever felt I could trust. I have been looking for it made into an addon for a while and I haven't seen it yet. I tried to make one in the style of the 'svcpack' n'Lite addons, but I don't know the silent switches to make it unattended. Here is a link to a download location.


If anyone has the time to make it, I am sure i am not the only one who would appreciate the time and effort in creating it.

Thanks to everyone in the addon/unattended inst. community for all the effort and time spent in making so many great addons for XP. :thumb_yello: I have found much enjoyment in making many different versions on XP. I wish I had the time to learn more about how you make all of these great choices for customization so that I might have something to contribute.

Best Regards, Randall McNally :welcome:

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Welcome on WinCert Mr.McNally... Interesting firewall..that I must admit!

I'll look into this and see how can I help you.. :)

Latest version 2.06 is available. I'll work with latest version if u don't mind?

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Thanks for the welcome. I am aware the the 2.06 is available and I will be perfectly content with that. I asked for 2.05 simply because it is the version I use and it has a feature that supposedly checks for updates periodically. Being aware that 2.06 is available, I am a little worried that a hassle looms in my future as the program insists that there is no update available at this time for a software advertised as having free upgrades for life.

In any case, v2.06 would be great. I am sure that 2.06 would suit far more people that a outdated version. Thanks so much for such a prompt reply to my request. :thumbsup_anim:

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