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WinToolkit Edition Upgrader


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Hi there,

While today I'm working on my little project to merge all 9600 builds (Windows 8.1 and Server 2012 R2) from 32-bit ISOs in one install.wim, and also the same goes for x64-bit, I've figured out that I need some new feature in Win Toolkit.

We all know that Microsoft has make some of the editions hidden, or maybe it is better to say not directly available for installation from the official installation medias, like 'Professional with Media Center' (SKU: ProfessionalWMC).

This can known via DISM command "/Get-TargetEditions" and can be set from DISM command "/Set-Edition", but honestly I want to be able to make this from inside from WinToolkit.

I've imagine new feature which can "scan" the image and tell us if there are available editions for update into it, and choice menu to select one from the available choices. In client editions of Win 8.1 with Update Core can be u Professional and ProfessionalWMC SKUs and Professional can be only upgraded to ProfessionalWMC, till Windows Server I think in the past has multiple choice for two different SKUs.

What you think about my idea?

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