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Oscdimg settings


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Hi there again,


I want ISO Maker from Wintoolkit to be expanded with some Oscdimg settings.


I want to be able to set time and date for iso releasing (for all included files in it).


Except this maybe someother useful command included in this particular batch based executable.




,thanks in advance

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I don't see why this feature cant be added for v2 :) If it's OK with you, i'll prob make every option it has to offer available rather than just the date time you suggested.



I've seen this feature in v2 ( from 18 August 2014,

I want to use when I archive the final iso in my library as:

If out there is official Windows 8.1, with Core and Pro, I'm gonna make Windows 8.1 AIO with Core, Pro, Pro with MCE, Enterprise, Embedded-Industry and Embedded-Pro for my collection, and of course in this process, there will be mounting, image upgrading, merging images and so on... and for that reason I want all files included and iso itself to have one same official date and time of creation (probably original from 'date modified' from original iso).


Honestly I want to be able to set custom date and time.

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I have tried the test build, EVERYTHING WHAT I ASK IS HERE :)





P.S. You can also check out this tool - WimHexTimeConverter @ BetaArchive's thread here.

This is for calculation the Time/Date stamp of the image itself, but I'm also interesting can be made something similar to this software into WinToolkit to add custom date stamp on some particular WIM image itself - it is important if we work with multi-edition iso (it is explained in the thread)?


This is just one idea more...

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