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[Legacy] .NET Framework AIO for XP x86 (1-10-2016)


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Run installer with /? to get help

Usage:			dotNetFx_AIO_x86.exe [switches]			All switches are optional./y - Passive mode, shows progress bar advancing but requires no user interaction. *ALL* packages are installed./ai - Quiet mode, no user input required or output shown. *ALL* packages are installed./sfxlang: - Set the display language to be used by this program, if possible. Example: /sfxlang:1031/h | /? - Display this help.Examples:Automatically install ALL packages, execute ngen and display progress:dotNetFx_AIO_x86.exe /ySilently install ALL packages, execute ngen and display no progress:dotNetFx_AIO_x86.exe /aiOptional command line switch to disable extraction dialog: /gm2 'ngen executequeueditems' is also run. (Fixes slow XP boot)(c) Microsoft Corporation. All Rights Reserved.
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there is a bug in latest version,causing a dos window script that installs windows xp updates with commands:


@echo off
%SystemDrive%\updates\updates.bat (updates is the name of the dos script including the commands to install windows updates silent)
included commands in the script are all the same eg:  WindowsXP-KB2631813-x86-ELL.exe /norestart /quiet
the script crashes halfway the installing/updating procedure, replacing the latest version with the previous one 4.18.2015 solve the problem can you fix that please?
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wow! this is a nice package and I've been struggling with building Addon


bphlpt over at MSFN turned me on to it.


This may require I completely rethink how I rebulid my XPsp3 x86


questions --


== edit == I can't see where 3048074 has been replaced? It's still on a recent XP POSReady thread on MSFN ===


Being an old dog with old habits ... (arghh ...) Can this package be converted into an Addon for RyanVMI?


I see it requires VC. Why is VC required? Like the soup-guy said, that means ... no addon for me!


If it's an installer only, will it install .NET over top of an existing intall, of the out of date .NETs that are packed in OnePiece's AIO Update Pack?


Did you catch [post=https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/kb/2833941]KB2833941-MS13-052 for .net 1.1sp1? It was July 2013 (before XP EOL). Maybe OnePiece included it in his AIO, and he forgot to include it in his change log. It's a big one.


for post-EOL are you including patches for EX Embedded and Server 2003?


I've run the post-EOL exe's in manually and they work fine. But at 2-3 min each, it's over an hour ... the /integrate switch doesn't work. I haven't tested the /nobackup.


Does your installer create an unstall backup, or an option to not do that? I see no reason to replace bad files with worse ones.


thanks, Rick


(my list of post EOL patchs --


the postEOL NPD11sp1's are for server 03 and require inf tweaking and exe hacking to install in XP



the postEOL NDPs for .net 2,3,4 are for XPEmbedded or 2003sp2 but they install directly into XPsp3







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Thanks for great job, however there's 2.0 SP2 missing. Particulary mRatio didn't work until I installed it separately. Please fix it.


About: These installer contains .NET Framework 1.1, 2.0, 3.0, 3.5 and 4.0 x86 plus updates integrated. For command-line options run <installer_name>.exe /?
Note: This will only install if you run it on Windows XP, will skip if any other. For 100% silent install use: /ai /gm2
OS: Windows XP SP3 x86

Slim Microsoft .NET Framework AIO x86
Download: http://adf.ly/1713566/dotnetaio
Size: 63.4 MB
MD5: 42ffc8fa9f020f7ae24adb1ce9b9cca4


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