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[FIXED] Converter: Some bugs in the file converter


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Hi Lego,


there is an "half" bug in the LangPack-Converter:

it seems to be only for Windows-Langpack; if it's your intention, then you should say it in the mask, for example


"Language Pack Converter (only Windows)"


But there are LangPack for Office too....


A full bug (.MSU to .CAB):


if I select a big number of files to convert and start converting, only a part will be converted, then I start converting again and another small part is converted and so on...

I ended my try with 135 files on 10 times...


A cosmetic issue:


"Open Explorer" could be in the file-converter: "Open output folder".


Regards, Thiersee

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Can they be integrated into the Office installation similar to updates? If so, would they need to be extracted? 


Basically, I'm trying to figure out if it's worth adding office language pack support. :)

I don't know.

Since two years I did not use language packs anymore, I use directly the ISO in the language I need.


My goal is, that the user is informed about it.

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About the lack of converted files. I noticed that some files can be duplicates. For example, IE10-Windows6.1-KB2909210-x64 is located twice within the directory when using the latest update catalog folder.

I'm sure, this is not the reason:

I do not have duplicates; to convert 135 files I needed 15 runs!

On the second-last run I had only 3 files to convert  and, even if they have been marked as converted, 1 was still missing; at the end I have converted this file alone.

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