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[Solved] unattended password, run once installer user prompt timer

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when I used the unattended logon username field it automatically installs a password for that user. I tried to figure that password out and could not until you told me in a personal notification it was SPACEBAR (just hitting the space bar). I don't think any nubie just using the program will know that just like I did not. So the password should either be removed or somehow let it be known to the user.


also as we discussed the silent installer for users such as having Office installed but unchecking "install automatically" has what you believe to be a 10 minute timer. if no user interaction then that installer will NOT install. I believe the timer should be removed entirely when using the UNCHECKED install automatically option since installers such as myself may start an install before bed and continue in the morning (just 1 scenario).



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Nope, still can't reproduce it. The only thing I can think of is if you're importing an unattended.


EDIT: I think I've found a bug which could be it.



Give Administrator a password (Admin Password)

Select 'Administrator' as AutoLogon (AutoLogon)

Untick Admin Password


Value is still set in editor.

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