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Downloads available for non-forum-user?


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Hey NIM,


Alltime i try to send download link for WTK friends or post in other forums, i get feedback they cannot access.

Yea that keep downloads just for members have sure reasons, maybe the traffic?

Then else i would suggest to open it for all, would be cool. :)



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Yea true, but i favorite to link to the source/developers site.

(Ah i can upload on mega.co.nz or P2P, no the problem, but its then not the latest version)


Last time I have tried to release some Information on other forums, that more people join here, use and donate.

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Yes, the problem is traffice as we are paying for this server.

If we'd have an open download, it could create a huge traffic and also slow down the whole forum.


Also, Lego is offering his software for free, so the least visitors can do is to register for free.

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