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Spoiler Spacing, maybe remove the empty lines?


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Often i see in advancing edit that exist some empty line before and after the text, quotes for example.

I try to remove them always, that really large the threads/posts with unneeded space.


What you think about fixing?


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In other words, the problem lies with the forum software we use, from IP Board, and is not something that NIM has any way to directly fix.  All we can do is report  the issues we find, along with as much documentation of the errors as we can supply, preferably documented with a screen capture video showing exactly how the error can be reliably be reproduced.  Then MAYBE, if the the IP Board folks can reproduce the error themselves and/or if enough other people also complain, the issue MIGHT be addressed in the next software update, unless they decide that the "error" is actually a "feature" or is "by design", and when if they do address the error the fix could possibly cause other issues.  [Can you tell that we have had issues with the IP Board folks in the past? :) ]


Cheers and Regards


PS: [OT - Hey Kel, how did the house opportunity work out?]

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Okay, thank you for feedback.

Whats about to integrate plugins for forum-software?

I seen much forums use external solutions for "upgrade" their board-system.


For example the forum-search, that it works much better and all..

(This here, dunno if it standards ipb or also external, works good)



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bphlpt couldn't say it better as he helped me much with reporting issues of this forum so he is more than familiar with the board software and IPB suppor


IPB will be releasing a new major release soon that will require MySQL and PHP versions upgrade on our server.

This new version will bring numerous updates and features and I suggest that we should wait for the upgrade and then report any issues or broken features that we might encounter during the usage.


As for the search, we are using integrated forum search engine.


Thanks for your report.



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