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GOM Audio 2.2.27 Multi [x86/x64] [Desatendida] [Reproductor de Audio]

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What's New:
gom audio 2.2.21

Improved the security of the installer program (GOMAUDIOGLOBALSETUP.EXE).
Added a feature that checks the integrity of the installer when it is launched, and the installer will only be run if it is determined to be legitimate.
Improved playback for MP3 files
Will now correctly play MP3 files that are shorter than 1 second in length
Corrected an issue where certain MP3 files with very long playback times would not be played smoothly
Altered behavior for unsupported file types
Previously it was possible to add certain MP4 and other unsupported video file types to GOM Audio. These files can no longer be added to GOM Audio.
Other miscellaneous corrections, fixes, and improvements

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  • geodasoft changed the title to GOM Audio 2.2.27 Multi™ [Desatendida] [Reproductor de Audio]
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  • geodasoft changed the title to GOM Audio 2.2.27 Multi [x86/x64] [Desatendida] [Reproductor de Audio]

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