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Eh hi


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Ehh OK I'll say some more....

I use Windows XP (a MCE is my main yes I'm serious), I use Vista Transformation Pack, I make apps.

One app I made is Vista Games Explorer for XP (I just don't know where I can release it)

Oh, and I'm 13 y.o...

At least I dun talk lik dis!!!!!!!1111!!!!!!!!!111111111

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Thanks but where would I release my Vista Games Explorer for XP application?.

So, will it stay on your words or should I create the forum so you can post your projects? :cool04:

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Your choice, but VGEXP is currently in Windows Customization since other people seem to be releasing other apps there too...

It also can be posted here, but OK, I'll check your post now :smiley_superman2:

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