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Bug(s) with [code]

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Hi Nik,


I have noticed some bugs with the code function, see :


Instead of ;!@Install@!UTF-8! we have sometimes an email protection text with a link inserted (it is gone with a refresh of the page, but I will add an image here next time I see it).

edit: here it is:



Also, the code written in posts made before the upgrading have lost their formating (the line return), see here:

And here:


By the way, I really dislike all the new "features", like inserting a preview of the post instead of a good old link,and especially the lack of the bbcode editing function to precisely edit my posts.

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Hey mooms,

thx for reporting. Sorry for not replying to you earlier.

I will check it out.


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Hi Nik,

Do you have any news concerning the return of the bbcode editing function, it's this feature that I miss the most.



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