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[Theme]Official Royale theme addons

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This pack adds all of the files and needed txtsetup entries for the Royale (Energy Bliss) official theme pack, including energybliss wallpaper, shellstyle and theme.

This is the rare one that is the Addition of Royale to Luna! Making 4 choices available.


Size - 1.31 megs MD5Hash = 39D9A930DFDFB8DF0464D9A246AC9E14

nLite compatable.
No uxtheme.dll hack needed to use.
Full Luna replacement with 4 color schemes. 3 original and Royale.

I added the Bliss screensaver to this one and fixed some typos.


Size - 2.82 megs MD5Hash = 87FEEA77BBFA6DB36E6915D3C066025A

I made this one by adding the Contrast white cursors and the Vista sound scheme!

I used the Vista Sound Scheme (Seprate scheme so you still have the windows default to use)

I added in my Royale w\bliss theme and my Contrast white cursor pack.

I rebuilt the default Luna theme so all of this is selected by default.


size - 9.41 megs MD5Hash = 4EB6D02FDD826F84F26C224C4B72C258

Here is just the Bliss Screensaver!


Size - 1.5 megs MD5Hash = 03123B2125408CED99404343E55DF60E

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This is one of my favorite theme addon...I found a little bug inside LUNA.theme.


; My Computer

; My Documents

; My Network Places

; Recycle Bin

These lines contains the C: Promt path for windows...

Some times i install windows in my F: Drive for testing purpose so the theme never load its specific icons,I have seen the same problem in other theme addons posted by you...:)

One more thing i would like to say,Can you please make a separate VISTA Sounds Addon which will help us to choose our favorite sound scheme from Control Panel>Sounds...

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