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Windows 7 Pro OEM ?


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Using this great tool for years. Today I have to install a Windows with a "Windows 7 Professional OEM" key.

The problem is I cannot find any Win7Pro in OEM. And I remember from the past that it won't work with non-OEM.

But I already had this ISO in the past, I'm sure, because I already used this key on the same computer.

Where can I download the ISO for Windows 7 Professionnal OEM, please ?


Thank you!

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I most cases the non OEM download should work fine. Maybe there are some exception cases (geographically restricted versions etc.)

Anyway, the downloader is based on a key database to unlock the downloads (some keys have been donated, some keys I purchased for the database). If you need a particular version of Windows or Office to be added, you may consider donating a suitable key.

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Thank you for your detailed and quick answer. I'm afraid my key is not working with Windows 7 Pro Retail. It's not geographically locked, it's a DELL OEM key.

By phone, Microsoft told me that my key is OEM and my product is not OEM so they cannot activate it...

Do you mean I can send you my DELL OEM key by message and you will be able to add the download to the database of Windows Iso Downloader? That would be fantastic!

Best regards,

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I can add any product key that unlocks a download on this site:


(That includes all kind of Win 7 keys, but also various Office versions and applications like Visio.)

Afterwards, the general public can enjoy free downloads.

Unfortunately, most Dell Win 7 keys won't work (although I was given one Dell Win 7 Home Premium key that did unlock the download, which is now included).

Therefore, chances are, your key is not gonna help me.

So I have two ideas for you to try:

1. Grab the Win 7 Home Premium OEM images, and apply the ei.cfg remover to it.

2. Download the reinstallation image with the instructions given here:


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I think you misunderstood. I'd require a key to be able to add Win 7 Home Basic.

I no longer actively search for more keys to add. If you want a particular Windows/Office version to be added to the downloader, you can hunt for a key, and forward it to me.

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Hi, Jan,

I understood exactly what you meant, don't worry :)

I tried something different, just because I had Windows 10 installtion on my pendrive (from some installation at work). I launched the installation from USB and my Win7ProOEM Dell key was accepted right away. I think this is because I already converted 1 year ago a Windows 7 pro to version 10 on the same computer, from the same key. Microsoft kept my certificate on its servers and now when I entered the key again, it found the valid Win10 Pro certificate. The computer was indeed hard wired to internet at installation.

So it's not exactly what I'd call a solution to my initial problem, but I have what I needed, so it's OK.

Thank you again!

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