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Reupload: Microsoft Hold'Em for Windows 7


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This is a reupload of the Microsoft Hold'Em (v6.0.6000.17034) addon by *Reaper*.


x64 Version
File Link: Reapers_Microsoft_HoldEm_6.0.6000.17034_x64_Windows7_AddOn.WA
File Size: 11.5 MB (12,119,405 bytes)
MD5: 8D663C59DE80C91204DEB90711D17E9A
SHA-1: 98A4518D5E893A7CF30C016759CB23F281C7D22B

x86 Version
File Link: Reapers_Microsoft_HoldEm_6.0.6000.17034_x86_Windows7_AddOn.WA
File Size: 12.7 MB (13,333,244 bytes)
CRC32: 78F4E2CB
MD5: C764F9821B097995B3BA8378E031D006
SHA-1: 79D79A93077979D52FEBAC3F3D6ADA734C45A91B


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