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  1. Donnez moi les liens de téléchargement des ADDONS

  2. comment télécharger des addons pour win toolkit

  3. *Reaper*

    [Tool] DX Tool x86/x64

    Thanks OnePiece... I use reg2inf constantly.... So I really appreciate the rewrite...
  4. *Reaper*

    Speccy - v1.26.698

    Yup... Have no hosting.. So no place to put all of the addons...
  5. *Reaper*

    *Reaper* medical issues.

    Hey everyone. Just wanted to try and touch base with you. I haven't intentionally not been around. It would be easier if you just read this. It will explain what the last year has been like for me. http://www.gofundme.com/22bc4sk I WILL BE BACK... I'm just trying to get through this at the moment.
  6. *Reaper*

    Gimp - v2.8.14.0

    Updated to
  7. *Reaper*

    Eraser - v6.2.0.2962

    Updated to
  8. Updated to Added separate addon including skins and ove 2,500 start buttons. Just never tested this on Windows 7.
  9. *Reaper*

    CCleaner w/CCEnhancer- v5.03.5128

    Updated CCleaner to 5.03.5128
  10. *Reaper*

    Adobe Shockwave Player - v12.1.7.157

    Updated to
  11. *Reaper*

    Adobe Flash Player - v16.0.0.305

    Updated to
  12. *Reaper*

    Win Toolkit v1.5.3.x + Known Bugs

    Thank you. I appreciate it.
  13. *Reaper*

    Win Toolkit v1.5.3.x + Known Bugs

    Hey Lego.. Any hope of turning windows 10 support back on? Ive got some addons I need to test and the toolkit has windows 10 support disabled.
  14. *Reaper*

    [Tool] INF Assistant v0.23

    Thank you very much. This is a program I really want to continue development on. I, of course will give you full credit.... I just really wanted it to update a few things.... Ive been using it ever since you released it.... And love it! Thanks again.... I really appreciate it... :prop:
  15. *Reaper*

    Microsoft Silverlight v5.1.30514.0

    I know they are wrong.... We had a server issue that wouldn't let us upload .exe files.... Im updating the links as I update the addons.... So when I get to this one i'll do it then,