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Office 2007 Professional FPP


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That's a tricky question. Both files are the same product for sure. Whether they're the same files, I don't know.

There are two records in the hash database. One for the United States, and one for worldwide.



If you have the choice, get the one for worldwide, not the US. It contains one additional component which MS had to remove from the US version after a legal dispute.

Since both files you quoted were also available to the US, I suspect they're both lacking the custom XML tagging component.


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Thanks for the reply, but the links provided were information of Office Professional 2007 - CD (ISO) files, not the Windows Executable files from Microsoft Software Download page and I bet that they are from MSDN. I know this is very tricky question as Office 2007 has reached for its end of support, but anyway I want to say thanks.



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